Rental Rates

Winter Weekends Nov - Mar Stay 2 Nights for £375 or 3 Nights for £475 - Stays from Nov to end of Feb (excluding Xmas). Please get in touch for further information Call 0777 3981203, message or use the enquiry page for these special offer prices 🙂

Our short break rates are for guidance only based on a 3 night stay so please contact us for a tailored price on 0777 3981203 or enquire here.  Our changeover and preparation costs are fixed but the longer the stay the lower the nightly rate will be.


Quoted Currency: British £

Rental rates are for the entire property.

From To Weekly Week Night Weekend Night Minimum Stay
01 Jan 24 22 Mar 24 £700 £125 £195 2 Nights
22 Mar 24 02 May 24 £845 £140 £195 3 Nights
03 May 24 22 May 25 £995 £160 £199 3 Nights
24 May 24 31 May 24 £1169 - - 7 Nights
31 May 24 28 Jun 24 £995 £160 £199 3 Nights
28 Jun 24 19 Jul 24 £1089 £185 £219 2 Nights
20 Jul 24 30 Aug 24 £1275 £199 £219 3 Nights
30 Aug 24 27 Sep 24 £1089 £160 £199 3 Nights
27 Sep 24 01 Nov 24 £845 £140 £195 3 Nights
01 Nov 24 20 Dec 24 £700 £125 £195 3 Nights
20 Dec 24 03 Jan 25 £1045 £190 £190 3 Nights

Our prices on this website are book direct prices.   You pay on average 20% extra in commission and service fees on OTA sites such as Airbnb, Tripadvisor, VRBO. If you have booked via a third party we are always happy to cancel your existing reservation without penalty and take your booking direct.

We request that guests take out suitable travel insurance which covers cancellation and all circumstances such as illness or quarantine requirements.   

Prices quoted are inclusive of taxes. We ask for 50% of the total rental as deposit to secure your booking and the balance is normally due approx. 4 weeks before your arrival. A refundable GBP £150.00 deposit to cover breakages/housekeeping is also required. We accept payment by direct bank transfer, cheque, credit/debit card.

All bed linen, wi fi, electricity and fuel (LPG gas central heating) is included in the rental costand everything is made up ready for your arrival including the log burner.

Beddgelert House sleeps up to 6 guests in 3 bedrooms.    

Why Book Direct?

Booking direct with the owner ensures the best possible service and best value for money -  no booking fees, hidden agency costs or listing site commission.  You'll also benefit from exclusive incentives such as earlier 3.00pm check-in and complimentary wood for our log burner.

How do we know we are safe booking directly with the owner?

We have owned Beddgelert House and operated it as a registered furnished holiday rental since 2010 and are members of PASC (Professional Association of Self Caterered Accommodation Providers).    We are members of the Beddgelert Tourism Association. 


When you confirm your booking by the payment of a rental deposit (see below) you are entering into a short-term holiday letting contract between you, the Guest, and the Owner of the property and accept the following Booking Terms and Conditions. Please read the following carefully and ask for an explanation of any point that may be unclear to you. 

The person making the booking must be over 25 years of age and certifies that he/she is authorised to agree and accept the Booking Conditions hereunder. They must ensure that details of all persons in the Guest’s party are advised to the Owner.  

Upon making a booking 50% of the rental price is due. The balance of the rental price and relevant breakage deposit is due 4 weeks prior to commencement of the stay. The full rental price and relevant breakage deposit is payable at time of booking if the occupation date is less than 4 weeks from the date of booking. If the balance is not received, the Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and the deposit paid by the Guest will be forfeited.  The prices stated are cash prices by either personal cheque, direct bank transfer or credit/debit card.


A housekeeping security deposit of £150.00 is required. This will be refunded within 14 days following the end of the stay upon confirmation that there is no loss, breakages or damage to the property or breach of our booking terms and conditions. Any loss, damage or cleaning fee exceeding the security deposit amount must be fully reimbursed by the lead renter within 7 days of departure. If damage occurs to the Property as a result of the actions of Guests during the stay, where the extent of that damage is so severe that we (the owner) must cancel and/or refund subsequent bookings, we may bring a claim against the lead renter for any loss arising as a result, including the cost of refunding other guests affected by cancelled Bookings and any additional administrative fees incurred in respect of the same. 

We endeavour to be as fair as possible and in the event of a cancellation will, in most cases, refund all monies paid if we are able to re-let the property, less any re-advertising costs or discounts offered to attract a booking.  However, we do always recommend that guests take holiday travel insurance to cover the eventuality of cancellation.


The Owner cannot be held responsible for the failure or outages of public services such as water, electricity, etc. but we will always make every effort to see the failure is corrected as soon as possible. WIFI is offered as a free and complimentary service to our guests and we cannot hold any responsibility if there is a service failure and offer no financial compensation for unavailability. We have a fair usage policy and any excessive use will be charged back as per the service provider’s terms and conditions.

It is expected that you and your party take all reasonable care of the property and be responsible for all payments and for any damage.   It is essential that you contact the owner if any problem arises so that it can be speedily resolved. This is a non-smoking property and smoking is not permitted indoors under any circumstances.   Dogs and other pets are not permitted .  Please leave the house and it’s contents in the same state of repair and condition and in a clean and tidy condition as that in which you found it at the beginning of your stay. Cleaning equipment and materials are provided. You are required to leave the wood burning stove , oven and cooking utensils in a clean condition. Guests are liable for any unreasonable additional cleaning costs or redecoration costs, damage to property (including furniture, fixtures and fittings) and breakages during the period of rental. Guests are not permitted to burn coal in the wood burning stove or any other inappropriate material and the owner reserves the right to charge for any consequential losses, including re-decoration due to misuse. Guests are requested to respect our recycling policies and are responsible for ensuring that all waste is placed in the appropriate bin for collection as detailed in our Guest Information book. Guests are liable for the cost of removing any excessive waste from the property (i.e. overflowing wheelie bins). A charge will be made over and above a maximum of 3 black bin bags placed in the non-recycable waste bin.

Please advise the Owner of any damage/breakages or problems immediately so they can be attended to/replaced for the next Guests. In cases where damage has been more than accidental 'wear and tear' it may become necessary to negotiate a replacement/repair figure. You must permit the Owners reasonable access to carry out urgent maintenance.  It is the responsibility of the Guest to arrange any holiday cancellation insurance. Vehicles and property are left at your own risk

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF GUESTS You must not sublet or share the property with anyone not nominated at the time of booking. The maximum number of persons to be accommodated in the property is 6 persons.  The property is only available to the number of guests as detailed on the booking confirmation and you must not significantly change the makeup of the party during your stay. Any over-occupancy is considered to be a serious infringement of the Terms and Conditions. The Owners reserve the right to refuse to allow access to the property or end the hire without notice and without refund in the case of a breach of this Condition. We will treat any of these circumstances as a cancellation of the booking. We reserve the right to make further charges in the event of damage to the facilities caused by excessive usage, or charge made per additional person per night.

Please ensure you are familiar with emergency procedures and Fire Plans. Externally there are open steps off the veranda and internally, open steps from the living area to the mezzanine bedroom and between the living and dining area. The log burner is not guarded. This property is therefore not recommended for children under the age of 2 years or early walkers/crawlers.  Please contact the owner prior to booking to discuss safety and access concerns if you have any special mobility requirements or small children.


As part of our terms and conditions you agree to do everything you can to prevent a fire in your accommodation:

In your accommodation you may not:

1. Use candles, tea lights or anything similiar.
2. Smoke inside the property or on the decking.
3. Interfere with fire alarms or other fire safety equipment provided.
4. Leave any personal items charging overnight or when you are not in the property.
5 . Use any of your own electrical items, other than small personal items such as phone chargers, lap tops, and hair related products in the cottage without prior written agreement.
6.  Use appliances such as portable radiator, washing machine or dryer overnight or when not in the property.

Please ensure:
1. All electrical appliances, excluding fridge and any fixed wall heaters, are switched off at the wall when you are not in the property, or overnight.
2. Phones etc being charged or items such as baby monitors are left on hard surfaces and not on beds or other soft furniture.
3. The routes from the bedrooms to the exit doors must not obstructed with any items that may impede exit in event of fire. 
4. When using the log burner follow instructions provided, and never leave it unattended.  Any ash from the fire must be placed in the metal bucket provided.  Matches and Firelighters must be kept in the metal container provided.  Do not place any flammable items near the log burner.

Unless otherwise agreed letting commences at 3.00 pm for direct bookings and 5.00pm for OTA bookings on the day of arrival and ends at 10.00 am on the day of departure. We will always do our best to be flexible but early arrival and late departures need to be agreed in advance.  Failure to comply will result in additional charges of £30.00 per hour and you will be asked to leave the property immediately. Prior to departure, please ensure that you have all your belongings, that all food and rubbish is removed from the property, doors and windows are locked and that the central heating is turned off. Remember to return the key to the keysafe. Failure to return the key to the keysafe when you leave the property at the end of the stay will incur a key replacement fee of £30.00. Do not change or attempt to change the code on the keysafe or tamper with the mechanism as this will result in breakage.

USE OF UTILITIES Normal usage of gas, water and electricity is included in the rental price. You are subject to the full cost of any additional charges for abuse of utilities if the period of your stay bills are exceeded by 15% of normal usage.  EV charging using our dedicated charger is chargeable - charging using a 3 pin socket is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Linens are provided and beds are fully made up and ready for your arrival.  Extra blankets/throws are provided. Tea towels and dishcloths are provided for the kitchen. 

In the unlikely event that the Property becomes unavailable following confirmation of the Booking or changes are necessary to the Booking for reasons outside the control of the Owners, the Owners undertakes to notify the Guest as soon as reasonably possible and reserve the right to cancel the Booking and refund all monies paid to them.

1.              About this policy
1.1           This policy sets our how Electric Vehicles (EV) should be recharged while at the Property and the responsibilities of EV owners in respect of safe charging. 
1.2           Any reference to "Property" in this policy is a reference to the Property including any garden, grounds, outbuildings, garages or communal spaces.
1.3           This policy forms part of our contract with you. A breach of this policy will constitute a breach of the contract between us.
2.              Who does this policy apply to?
2.1           This policy applies to all members of the Booking Party and such other visitors of the Property. It shall be the responsibility of the Lead Guest to inform all members of the Booking Party and any visitors of this policy.
3.              What is an Electric Vehicle?
3.1           For the purpose of this policy an EV is any vehicle that uses electric motors, either fully or partially, to drive its wheels. It will derive some or all its power from rechargeable batteries which requires connection to the electricity grid (plug-in). This includes fully chargeable and plug-in hybrid cars, motorbikes, buggies, scooters, mopeds, bicycles, utility vehicles and tracked vehicles.   
4.              Domestic chargers are not permitted at the Property
4.1           Most EVs are supplied with a domestic charger, commonly known as a 'granny charger' or a ‘trickle charger’. These cables recharge the EV using a domestic power source via a 3-pin wall socket.
4.2           Domestic chargers are not suitable for use in the Property and will create a fire hazard. The use of domestic chargers is strictly forbidden.
4.3           We retain the right to carry out reasonable inspection, on a without notice basis, to ensure that granny chargers are not in use in the Property.
4.4           You are solely liable for any damage or loss suffered by us as a result of your unauthorised use of domestic chargers.
5.              Dedicated charging points
5.1           The Property has a dedicated charge point located in the front courtyard.  It is the user’s sole responsibility to supply a suitable charging cable to avail of the DCP.
5.2           DCP is exclusively for the use of the Booking Party. Visitors to the Property who do not comprise the Booking Party are not permitted to use the facilities without our express permission.
5.3           DCP is subject to fair usage and consumption charges confirmed  and applied to your booking.  Your credit/debit card details will be required prior issuing the PIN to enable the DCP.
5.4           You must not:
(a)        use a DCP if you are not authorised to do so;
(b)        use any splitting cables or modify the DCP in any way;
(c)        smoke in the vicinity of any DCP;
(d)        use the DCP for any commercial EV such as a taxi, ridesourcing or ridesharing EV (such as Uber, Lyft or similar services); delivery or transport EVs including buses or for any other commercial venture;
(e)        occupy a DCP once charging of the EV is complete or once your fair usage period in accordance with the table at 5.3 ends. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee where you fail to remove your EV from the DCP.
5.5           DCP spaces must not be occupied, or access impeded, by non-EV Vehicles or EV vehicles not using the DCP for charging purposes.
5.6           We do not guarantee the availability of a DCP and unavailability of the DCP shall not constitute a breach of our Guest Terms.
5.7           Authorisation for the use of a DCP during your Stay must be made prior to Booking.  We reserve the right to withdraw this authority at any time and for any reason.
5.8           Use of the DCP is at the owner’s own risk and we do not accept any liability for loss or damage sustained by you or your EV as a result of using the DCP unless the damage was caused directly by our negligence.
5.9           You shall be responsible to us for any damage to the DCP or loss suffered by us caused by your use of the DCP. 


We believe everyone should absolutely love their stay in our home and that is the standard we have set for Beddgelert House. We are happy to work to resolve any issues that may arise so please do contact us immediately if there is anything that does not meet your expectations. We would be sorry not to be able to sort anything out quickly and to the satisfaction of all guests, and thus it is essential any issues are reported whilst the Guest is in residence.  We cannot make things right if we are not aware of them and cannot deal with any complaints made after the holiday.